Transparent communication and involvement of people in the processes´ creation is crucial today

The Human Capital 2022 conference took place on May 24 in Prague. Those who directly cultivate people in companies met in person. The program was dominated by data, those from the labour market and also the data usage to strengthen the business. The topics of communication and employee turnover were reflected among the speeches.

Keep your minds opened, calls on CFOs Tomáš Kouřil from O2

Almost two hundred CFOs discussed how to deal with situations they had not faced before in finance management at the eleventh CFO Congress held on May 18, 2022 at the Czech National Bank.

How to get the most from the covid experience for future will be discussed at Human Capital 2021

Representatives of top management and other experts who cultivate employee experience in companies will meet at annual expert conference Human Capital on December 1, 2021 at Spojka Events in Prague. The program content will focus on stories, how to use experience gained during the pandemic for future development of both companies and its employees.

150 Chief financial officers spoke about the impact of the pandemic at CFO Congress 2021

One of the first conferences organized after a long pause with present audience was focused on agenda of financial officers. The participants of CFO Congress 2021 filled the allowed capacity of the Czech National Bank hall on June 22 completely. Topics of people in companies, digitalization of the processes and sustainability dominated the program. The pandemic experience was frequently mentioned. However, the speakers focused mostly on future.

Human Capital 2020: In the crisis, the importance of human resources departments has increased

Flexibility and resilience will determine the future of work. The current crisis requires companies to listen to the needs of employees and respond quickly to them. At online conference Human Capital 2020 brought stories from companies whose management proudly faced to difficult times.

CFO Congress 2020 was organized as a live event showing the effects of the new reality on companies

The new reality, to which companies had to adapt quickly during the coronavirus crisis, will be reflected in their functioning still long after the crisis dies down. This was confirmed by the conclusions of the 9th CFO Congress conference held on September 2, 2020 at the Czech National Bank in Prague. The participation of more than 150 CFOs and other finance and purchasing experts shows that there is nothing to replace the power of face-to-face meetings. Despite the current measures, people want to meet. The contributions were of course influenced by the impact of the Covid crisis and the technological readiness of companies to work from home.

Let´s squeze the data for insights

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Professor at the Oxford University and Keynote Speaker at the Primetime for Big Data conference in Prague, shares his view on the current challenges and opportunities in the world full of (unused) data.

The Human Capital 2019: Seek for devoted employees who help you when crisis hits

Squeezing employees out in times of economic growth and dismissing them when recession starts is becoming increasingly short-sighted approach which more and more companies leave behind. On the other hand, well-being and potential development are gaining in importance, and companies want their employees to work with internal motivation stemming from enthusiasm, not from the prospect of a quarterly bonus. At least, this was one of broad agreements among the Human Capital 2019 conference’s participants.

Big Data 2020 with many innovations: new location, international keynote speaker

The conference Primetime for… Big Data 2019 was received with great interest and was completely sold out. The organizers of Blue Events are therefore moving the 2020 edition to an even larger space. They also invited a renowned keynote speaker, professor Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, co-author of the only book on big data translated into Czech. The conference will take place on March 25, 2020 in Prague's Clarion Congress Hotel.

Blue Events 2020 Portfolio: New Projects and Annual Business Meetings

Conferences will cover diverse fields from Marketing, Sales, Finance, PR, HR, IT or Retail.

Blue Events 2020 Portfolio: New Projects and Annual Business Meetings

Conferences will cover diverse fields from Marketing, Sales, Finance, PR, HR, IT or Retail.

Technology, purchasing and communication. These are the biggest challenges for CFOs today, the attendants of CFO Congress 2019 agreed

More than 200 CFOs met for the eighth time last week at CFO Congress 2019, organized by Blue Events with the support of many partners and with Deloitte as expert guarantor. In the premises of the Czech National Bank, there were talks particularly about the challenges posed to the chiefs of financial departments across business sectors by artificial intelligence, the current lack of quality employees, or Brexit.

Well-mixed CFO Menu: To be Consumed on April 16, 2019

8th edition of the meeting of finance directors – CFO Congress, will be held on April 16 in the Czech National Bank in the centre of Prague. The event, which traditionally welcomes about two thousand finance directors and members of top management of large and middle-sized companies, brings news from a finance management and, more importantly, open discussion and sharing of new observations.

CFO Congress 2018: Financial Directors Must Search for New People and Develop Talents

The participants of the conference CFO Congress 2018 tasted well-mixed menu consisting of discussion, sharing of practical experiences and information about the economic, legal and technological trends. Already eighth edition of this traditional whole day encounter was celebrated again in the premises of the Czech National Bank and was organized by Blue Events company with the support of number of partners, headed by Deloitte as an expert guarantor.

A well tuned CFO Menu: Intended to be consumed on May 16, 2018

The seventh annual meeting of financial directors - CFO Congress will take place on 16th May in the Czech National Bank in Prague. The action, which regularly welcomes nearly two hundred of financial directors and top managers of large and medium-sized companies, brings not only news in the key areas of financial management, but above all the possibility of open debate and sharing of practical knowledge.

Procurement managers as an endangered species?

The sixth Procurement Forum focused on current issues that procurement managers across a wide range of industry have to deal with. The most important topics were digital transformation, lack of people and, above all, a general definition of the current role of the purchasing department in companies.

How Will the Procurement Stand Within the Society 4.0?

Are you also disposed to those apocalyptic scenarios about losing your job due to robotics? The change in the job agenda will certainly come true for the purchasing managers too, and it comes fast. The central topic of the 6th Procurement Forum 2018 conference, held on 28th February 2018 at KC City, Pankrác, Prague, is the Role of Purchasing Managers in Society 4.0. However, the conference will open much more issues than technological ones.

Human Capital 2017: We Are Social Architects Who Help People to Form Networks

How to develop people in companies and companies throughout the people, that was the main topic of the conference Human Capital 2017 which took place on November 22, 2018 at Slovanský dům in Prague. There were 170 people who take care of people in the companies at the level of HR teams and also from the higher levels of the management participating. The organizers were pleased to see among the participants also General Managers, CEOs, CFOs and Sales or Product Managers who represented 40 % of the audience. The goal of the conference was accomplished – the debate on human capital as a real strategic issue which is worth of interest of the top management. The speakers referred into the future, both from the perspectives of the recruitment and production processes, but mainly in terms of people´s needs. Throughout their own authentic claims we stress the main topics of the conference day.

Procurement is internal customer of internal customer

The 5th edition of the conference Procurement Forum took place on May 24, 2017 in Prague. How to manage procurement effectively was discussed by 140 participants. The discussion panel gained the best score of the program thanks to the openness of its participants who represented different fields of business. The main topics were the change of the external environment (new technologies and integration of new members in the team) and also stereotypes related to the purchase.

CFO Congress 2017: The key is to understand the needs of the company and to help to fulfill its vision

The sixth edition of the expert meeting CFO Congress was held on May 17 in Czech National Bank with historically biggest audience composed of more than 150 financial directors. The main focus was on changing role of finance director in the company in time of uncertainty and big changes, digital transformation, rate volatility and also on solutions for investments and savings. The unique atmosphere of the whole day was encouraged by moderation of Daniel Stach from Czech Television.

Digital transformation is a challenge which changes our prejudices and obliges us to think out of the box

After last year pilot edition, the conference CIO Agenda was held in Park Inn Hotel Prague on October 4. Almost one hundred participants among CIO, CTO and CEO gathered at this event to be inspired by solutions of digital transformation, efficiency and diversity in work team, search for new talents and motivation. The final panel discussion offered new perspectives on digital transformation from startup and grownup position.

Procurement at the time of boom: purchase as a driver of innovation

Already 4th edition of conference Procurement Forum with the main topic purchase at the time of boom was held on May 25, 2016 in Prague hotel Pyramida. More than 160 experts attended the conference. The event focused on current changes in purchase at the time of the economic prosperity. Program addressed topics ofstrategic partnership, the impact of the increasing economy, possibility of cooperation with external partners, qualification of suppliers and role of the procurement in the success of companies. The event was organized by Blue Events with the cooperation of program guarantor Marek Rokoský, and the support of many partners, especially SAP Ariba.

CFO Congress 2016: Financial Directors are preparing for the future

The 5th annual meeting of financial directors - CFO Congress 2016, held on May 18 in the premises of the Czech National Bank under the title (CFO)3 = Fit For the Future, confirmed that CFOs are actively preparing for the future. In addition to macro-and micro-economic condition forecasts the program mainly offered practical guides to ease business with the help of modern technology and robotics, advices how to interpret the data better and what to expect from digitalization. The programme also focused on the inconsiderable challenge of CFOs: attracting and retaining high-quality, technologically efficient and committed associates. The event hosted over 150 participants and offered an extensive space for the panel discussion, charting the views of CFOs on current and especially future challenges.

CIO Agenda through the eyes of participants

Pilot year of the special conference CIO Agenda, which was held on October 7th in Prague was successful. It has fit perfectly to the needs of CIO and CTO managers, it is testified not just by a very positive feedback at the event monitoring participants' satisfaction but mainly by the fact the questionnaire regarding satisfaction rate has been filled by 50 % of them. This is a record share of questionnaires return in the history of Blue Events conferences. It testifies about great engagement and interest of participants and can also be taken as a confirmation that IT managers in the Czech Republic were missing this type of event.

A good CIO should connect business and IT

The Blue Events company has decided to enlarge its events portfolio and make the first special conference about the role of CIO and cooperation of IT with other departments in companies. Meeting of a hundred of experts took place in Prague Park Inn Hotel. The outcome of the CIO Agenda 2015 program was result of the Accenture research that shows rapidly changing role of CIO and CTO. The conference touched mutual expectations of CEO and CIO, respecting IT in supporting and communication with clients and implementation of large IT projects. The program was concluded by a panel discussion about IT/CIO as a source of new information. The conference was made more live by humoristic attitude of main speakers and by many inspirational and erudite questions from the audience.

CFO Congress opens the door for current topics that move the financial world

The fourth year of CFO Congress will take place on September 10, 2015 at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague.

Leadership for Life: passion, fear and business performance

The successful tradition of the conference-concert mix continued with a fifth annual meeting of a hundred of inspired managers, directors and business owners.

What should not be missing in procurement? Curiosity, proactivity and strategic thinking

The third year of the Procurement Forum, themed Procurement in Times of Rapid Change, took place on the 20th of May 2015 in the National Technical Library in Prague and attracted over 200 participants.

The coming generation needs a new type of leader

Male and female energy in leading people and companies, the potential for an active connection of the head and the heart and discussion over the necessary transformation of the leadership style in future were the main topics of the 4th Leadership for Life Conference, which was held on June 4th in the Prague Monastery Brevnov.

Program for the 4th year of the Leadership for Life conference was finalized

Full conference program of Leadership for Life conference (4th June 2014, Břevnov monastery, Prague) and the subsequent CEO workshop (5th June 2014, Chateau Mcely) was finalized.