About Event

CFO Congress is an annual expert conference which was created upon an interest of experts in this field and in a short time it has become a sought after meeting of financial professionals.

Each year the Congress brings key topics corresponding with current trends, top speakers and space for discussion and networking. Everything in a great and informal atmosphere. Take a look at photos from previous years.

What wil the year 2024 be about?

Main topic: Searchig for new pathways 

The rapidly changing market environment tests CFOs in their ability to be flexible and to adapt. At the same time, it places higher demands on them to come up with solutions to problems that they have not faced to yet. This applies to areas with low range of predictability such as energy sector or interest rates, but also to areas of balancing savings and investments or the implementation of new technologies (including AI) in financial management. Come together with the CFOs of leading companies operating on our market to look for new ways to succeed in this environment.

With whom will you meet at CFO Congress

The audience of CFO Congress traditionally gathers top management of companies - mainly finance directors. Participants of the conference come from vast field spectre as it is shown at participant graphs below.

Structure of participants

By the sector of specialization:
By their position in the company: