About CFO Congress

CFO Congress is an annual expert conference which was created upon an interest of experts in this field and in a short time it has become a sought after meeting of financial professionals. Each year the congress brings new main topic corresponding with actual trends and also interesting speakers, space for discussion and networking in a great and informal atmosphere. Take a look at videosphotos and other content, from previous years. The topics of all previous years including feedback are covered by following chapters:

First year

Second year

Third year

Fourth year

Fifth year

Sixth year

Seventh year

What is the year 2019 going to be about?

Traditionally, we are going to look at the latest trends in financial management, development of the economy, useful tools for financial directors, sharing experiences and much more.

This year there will be Procurement Forum as a part of CFO Congress. Each year, the Procurement Forum offers expert insights into purchasing and supply chain issues. There are presented news from the field, unconventional views on the purchase and a highly-rated discussion of experienced purchase experts from leading companies in our market. The aim is to raise awareness about the purchase as a major partner of top management.

Typical participants

The audience of CFO Congress traditionally gathers top management of companies - mainly finance directors (C-level participants represent more than 70 % of the audience). Participants of the conference come from vast field specter (production, mechanical engineering, automotive, energetic, IT, telecommunication and financial services).

The focus of the program is designed mainly for companies with 100 and more employees but may be useful also for smaller companies too.