Currently, we are preparing program of CFO Congress 2022 with main topic: How to keep finance out of the pressure. If you want to enrich the program, get in touch.

Program of CFO Congress 2021

  • 08:00 – 09:00
    Registration of participants

  • 09:00 – 10:45

    News in key areas of financial management and economic development.

    Post-covid prospects and challenges

    David Marek, Deloitte

    What will be the economy grow after the pandemic? The current model of the economy has largely exhausted its potential, the Czech economy is gradually changing. There are new technologies coming that we need to respond to. The pandemic accelerated some processes.

    Economic results with a new perspective

    Pavlína Kouřilová, Member of the Board of Directors and CFO, Pražská plynárenská Distribuce

    The last year of work at the CFO position as an opportunity to stop, rethink the functionality of processes inside and outside the company and include "other points of view". What will be important for us in the next stage? How can we use the combination of our own experience and the knowledge of our colleagues from before the covid period while operating in home office mode and entering the next reality with no way back. The path from analyzing numbers and planning to building real teams and supporting real leaders. With no room for phrases and individualism.

    Circular economy as new blood into the veins of the company

    Jannis Samaras, Chief, Kofola

    Martin Pisklák, Group CFO, Kofola

    The essence of the sustainable functioning of the company is not in the support of random CSR projects. It is about including sustainability principles into the business model of the company itself, so that in the short and long term there is the real economy and competitiveness behind sustainable measures. If the CEO and CFO find a common ground and ways to benefit the environment, the landscape and people, while at the same time prospering economically, it can pour new blood into the company's veins and give colleagues energy and a higher sense of purpose in their work.

    Strong team = strong company. What is the impact of team care on the overall performance of the company?

    Roman Senecký, Managing Director, Mondi Štětí

    As leaders, we often face different questions. Should we prefer team and company performance or good relationships? Does it make sense to invest in people when they can leave at any time? Is a good mood and healthy relationships at work the luxury of wealthy corporations? And can such luxury sustain? Roman Senecký will share his experience, how he has built strong teams and what impact it has had on his work and the results of the company.

    Mental health in the pandemic and post-pandemic eras

    Aleš Kuda, Psychologist – Expert on Addictology

    The times we are experiencing is unique because it has challenged many of our 'existing certainties' and raised many questions. This applies to our entire lives, both professional and personal. Let's think together about what our employees will need. Is performance or sustainability more important? As an adictologist, I will also mention the issue of addictions and possibilities how to solve this problem on the side of the employer.

  • 10:45 – 11:15
    Coffee / Tea & Snacks break

  • 11:15 – 13:00

    New technologies, trends and tools not only for finance management.

    Redefining the role of the CFO in a purpose-driven company

    Milan Kníže, CFO, Vodafone

    How can the CFO contribute to the creation of corporate value as a broadly defined corporate asset. How to motivate agile implementation of innovation and digital business models. How to spread corporate culture and continuous transformation in technology companies. What culture can attract future x-discipline talents to finance. How to manage performance and risks in the current VUCA world.

    How we transferred our planning from Excel Hell to Cloud Heaven

    Pavel Frnoch, CFO/COO, Deloitte

    Dominika Štěrbáková, Senior Consultant, Deloitte

    For many years Deloitte Central Europe used a planning solution based on Excel and it worked quite well for us. So why did we decide to leave it and what role did COVID play in this? We will share what our planning and forecasting looks like nowadays in the Cloud solution. What this change has given us (and taken away)? And where is our vision in planning and managing our business headed?

    Where and when the process of digitization works - practical examples

    Štěpán Bouda, Chief Innovation Officer, Sabris CZ

    What to imagine under the concept of digitizing processes and what new roles business and IT play in it. We will show how to quantify the benefits of digitization in different areas - where it pays off, where, on the contrary, it makes no sense and what to search for. In practical examples, we will show how successful companies approach digitization, what are the main trends and what must be included in the calculation of return on investment in digitization projects.

    How to manage cyber risks effectively in today's dynamic world (for the company to survive)

    Ivan Svoboda, Senior Security Advisor, ANECT

    Miloslav Lujka, Senior Security Leader, Check Point

    What do CFOs have to do with cyber risk management? More than it may seem... The company's resilience to modern cyber attacks is far from responsibility of just IT security experts, the role now falls on CFOs in several aspects. Firstly, it is important to be able to assess correctly the possible losses from different types of cyber threats and then adequately prioritise the security strategy. Secondly, most incidents relate to the misuse of employee inattention, particularly in the area of financial operations. "Business E-mail Compromise" attacks were the first cybercrime in the last year in terms of losses, which amount to billions of dollars worldwide.

    Economics and informatics from the expert's point of view

    Radek Beneš, Expert in IT and Cybercrime

  • 13:00 – 14:00
    Business Lunch

  • 14:00 – 15:15

    Current issues of financial directors' agenda from the viewpoint of panelists representing various sectors - industry, energy, banking… Open exchange of experience and development of topic from the introductory block of the conference in interactive discussion with the audience.


    Petr Daňhel, finanční ředitel, Prefa Brno

    Pavel Holan, Group CFO, Nano Energies

    Petr Kohout, Group CFO, APS Holding

    Pavlína Kouřilová, členka představenstva a finanční ředitelka, Pražská plynárenská Distribuce

    Martin Pisklák, Group CFO, Kofola

    Lada Šmolková, finanční ředitelka, Hornbach

  • 15:15 – 17:00

    Space for exchanging the experience among congress participants over a glass of wine or soft drink and a good bite...

  • 17:00
    Conference conclusion